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You want to help other people in your neighbourhood?
You need help or know someone who needs help?

Helpify is a citizenship initiative.

Against Coronavirus, adopt barrier gestures. Wash your hands often. Keep your distance.

Cough in your elbow. Use unique tissues.


available in your community

How it works for Helpers?

We do the "matching" with people needing help in your neighbourhood - The Helpees. Once you accept a "Mission" you'll have access to the Helpees contact information and you'll start to help!


who need your help in your community

How it works for Helpees?

Your family, neighbours or yourself will register you as a person needing help for Grocery shopping, Pharmacy run, to walk your dog, etc... Helpers in your neighbourhood will be assigned "Missions". Helpers, once accepting your mission, will be able to get in touch directly with you to help you!

Helpify Community

helps you to reconnect with your community through solidarity.


Latest missions

Helpify Community

We are a bunch of volunteers wanting to reconnect communities through solidarity. The Covid-19 has caused massive changes in the way we live and the way we work. We believe that by connecting together we can help society support the people in need of help.

Helpify Community works thanks to your donations