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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a mission actually go?

When you have accepted a mission to Helpify Community as a Helpify Volunteer, you will be asked to contact the person asking for help, the "People in Need". During your exchange, agree on how to proceed:


  • time and place of meeting

  • if there is money to advance, how to get reimbursed (in cash or by bank transfer).


Please ensure to follow the advice from the local authorities in order to stay safe during the mission.


I'm afraid to open my door to a stranger

We advise you not to let the “Helpify Volunteer” enter your home. The Helpify Volunteer can drop the groceries outside your home. Helpify Community volunteers share common values ​​such as respect for others and solidarity. We validate each volunteer registration before putting them in contact with you. Indeed, we ask them for a copy of their two-sided identity card as well as a photo of them holding this card. This helps prevent abuse.


How to help answer the phone?

Want to join the Helpify Community Response Squad? Magnificent ! Contact us as soon as possible.


I want to protect my personal data

Only the person who accepted the assignment will see your personal details. On the Helpify Community website, we will publish the list of missions, mentioning only your first name + initial of the last name and your municipality. Also be aware that your personal data is not used for other purposes by the creators of Helpify Community. Find out more: Privacy policy


I had a bad experience: what to do?

Did a mission go wrong? Do not hesitate to contact us. While we are not responsible for the actions of the Helpify Volunteers on this platform,  we still would like to know of any issue and improve our platform to remain true to its common values of respect for others and solidarity. Your feedback is essential to us.


Contact us to share with us your experience. We are keen to improve Helpify Community and working to it every day.

Good or bad, we want to hear from you!

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