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About the Ukraine team

The Ukraine invasion left us shocked. Our family and friends were in direct danger. We scrambled to help them to find their way to safety and to find help nearby, especially in the areas of transport and accommodation.

But overwhelmingly we felt helpless -- all we could do was organise and talk. Looking at social media there were thousands of asks for help per hour, most with some likes and no responses. It felt like there was nothing we could do.

So, we decided to do something. We partnered with Helpify Community and translated the site and made it global.

Why Helpify Community? Because this humanitarian crisis is only going to grow, and people right now are highly vulnerable. We want a safer alternative for Ukrainians - a platform where they can get access to volunteer help, knowing the volunteers have had their identities checked. It is core to our values and to our mission.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

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