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About us

This page is about the founders of Helpify Community in 2020. For information about the team managing the current Ukraine crisis, click here.


Helpify Community is a de facto association created in Switzerland in March 2020.


Following the covid-19 health crisis, a handful of citizens created a platform: Helpify Community.


Olivier, Claire, Benoit, Florence and Alexandra started from the observation that many people in Belgium, Switzerland and the UK (to name a few) are not all comfortable with new technologies.


Indeed, lots of initiatives exist on the internet to allow solidarity between people. But most are very inefficient and excludes those who do not have access to internet. This is why this mission-based system, also available by phone, was born.


Thanks to this free service, created by and for citizens, Helpify Community allows everyone to express their solidarity with the people facing a crisis anywhere in the world and its effects on their daily lives.


The idea is to put local people in need of help, the "People in Need", to have access to accommodation, medical help, food, clothes, shopping, go to the pharmacy, walk their dog, etc. with “Helpify Volunteers”.


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Meet The Founding Team

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